The Pavilions Romance Destinations - Phuket and Bali

Being able to speak a few words in Thai will help smooth the way and maximise your enjoyment of your stay in Phuket.  Thai is a tonal language and we recommend that you end each sentence with Krap if you are a gentleman, or Kaa if you are a lady, to make it more polite.

General words and phrases:
Hello / Good bye Sawasdee Krap / Kaa
Thank you Khob Khun Krap / Kaa
Excuse me Kor Tord Krap / Kaa
How are you? Sabai Dee Mai?
Do you speak English? Khoon Pood Ang-Krit Dai Mai?
I am fine Sabai dee
I don’t understand Mai Koaw Jai
I cannot speak Thai Phom (gentlemen) / Chan (ladies) pood Thai mai dai
Bathroom/Toilet Hong Naam
Yes Chai
No Mai Chai

Right Kwaar
Left Sai
Turn Right Leow Kwaar
Turn Left Leow Sai
Go Straight Trong Pai

In the Restaurant:
Please bring the bill Kor Bin Noi
I am allergic to… Phom (gentlemen) / Chan (ladies) paae…
I don’t eat… Phom (gentlemen) / Chan (ladies) Mai Kin
Water Nam
Not spicy Mai Pet
Little spicy Pet Nid Noi
How much? Tauw Rai?

Zero Soon
One Neung
Two Song
Three Sarm
Four See
Five Haah
Six Hok
Seven Jet
Eight Peaad
Nine Kaow
Ten Sip