Enjoy Luxury Living at its Best

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Nothing is more exciting than finding that perfect vacation spot where you can relax, be free and let the body enjoy the natural surroundings in the comfort and privacy of your own villa. Release your mind of all the stress from work and responsibilities and soak in the beauty around you. Share it with someone special to rejuvenate and come back better than ever.

Rent your own private pool villa overlooking the gorgeous Phuket Layan Beach and absorb the sun, moon and ocean view right outside your door or from inside your bedroom. Take a dip early in the morning, late at night or anytime in between to give your body a play on the senses and stay refreshed. Your friends and family will want to know your secret and where you have been to come back looking so amazing.

Each villa has an open living area with kitchen, a master bedroom to create a one-of-a-kind experience and a bathroom that can only be found in the exotic. Expect 5 start treatment, spa pleasures without leaving the comfort of your villa and choose whether you want to meet your neighbours or stay isolated from the world just a little bit longer. The aim is to bring your vacation to the point that you may think twice about ever going back home.

Checkout our specials and deals to help create an ideal honeymoon, birthday or anniversary gift for yourself and spouse or for that special person in your life that has earned a break.

If you want to enjoy luxury living at its best, book you stay at our Ocean View Pool Villa. We have recently renovated the villa. 18 of our villas have also been refurbished and we will soon be launching new villas in the month of August.

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