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Customer Satisfaction – Phuket Style

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Being away from home and in a different country can be stressful whether it is for vacation or on a business trip which is why knowing where the top hotels in the area are located is extremely helpful information. When in Thailand, the Phuket area is one of the most popular tourist de

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Enjoy Your Honeymoon in Phuket

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For many couples the honeymoon is the first trip that they take together. This is an adventure that people want to remember for the rest of their lives. Many couples choose to book a honeymoon package in a romantic, exotic setting where they can relax and just enjoy spending quality time together.

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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Resort of Your Dreams?

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Finding the perfect man or woman of your dreams is not easy, but zeroing in on the perfect wedding resort can be even tougher. I will try and help you out with these little tips I have learnt through my own experiences. The first important tip is that finding the resort should be at the top of yo

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