Best Reasons To Stay Off the Beaten Path

By admin February 6, 2015 | Leave a Comment

The majority of tourists enjoy keeping things ‘business as usual’ with seeing the highlighted tour spots, staying in the big hotels and traveling on a plan that keeps them moving from one point to the next. However, for those individuals who enjoy something slightly off the beaten path yet with all the luxury and comfort of home there are the boutique hotels in Phuket. Conveniently located in Bangkok, Thailand, which is the hub of fashion, business and great food, these hotels are small, intimate and dedicated to guarding the privacy of every guest.

Some do not even go by names but rather using a code system so that only those who know the right answer can get in to see someone. They are usually geared towards single individuals traveling for business or pleasure who want to have all the details taken care of for them which is why the staff is on hand 24 hours a day. Comfortable bedrooms, outstanding bathrooms with spas and Jacuzzis and full complimentary service set them apart from the larger, more generic options because of the personal service that is provided to every guest.

The boutique hotels in Phuket open for all meals and serves five-star cuisine from a trained and certified chef and then after that take in the sites that are easy and convenient to access from this central location. Rooms book fast so it is important to schedule this as soon as possible in order to get your reservation confirmed. The check-in and check-out procedures are as streamlined as everything else so that the guests can simply relax and enjoy without worrying about the details. Check these out today as an alternative to the ‘norm’ and spice up your vacation with something different and unique. The experience will help create a memorable vacation that you can treasure for years to come.

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