6 Romantic Things you can do in Phuket!

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Phuket is much more than being just a busy city. It is one of the best romantic destinations. So here are some ideas that can make your trip to Phuket quite a memorable one with your partner.

1. Divulge in delicacies by the sea- Go out for a romantic dinner by the sea. Phuket has plenty of romantic restaurants to choose from, who strive to give the best dining experience to their guests. Imagine, tranquillity of sea, light music, a bottle of champagne and of course you and your partner. How nice, isn’t it?

2. Sunset Cruise- You can try cruising on a Chinese junk. It may not offer as much fun as a private cruise does, but swaying away with your loved one, gliding amid the giant limestone cliffs on a Chinese boat at the sunset and beyond is a truly heart-warming experience.

3. Phang Nga Bay- Enjoy a leisurely day trip cruising through the dramatic limestone island, occasionally stopping to enjoy the serene beaches. Enjoy the comfortable canoe while paddling through the many caves and lagoons. This scenic beauty will leave you with a magical moment to be cherished forever.

4. Go Snorkelling!- Book a private speedboat and rush through from island to island with snorkelling breaks and picnic onboard or on a beach. Private boats may be expensive but they usually offer number of itineraries to choose from, with a certain flexibility. Go wild at Phi Phi island, Phang Nga Bay or Racha Island Circuits.

5. Go Diving- Isn’t under water diving simply amazing. Its a great activity to share. Dive centre offers ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ course with very little practice needed. With just this, you will enjoy together the unique beauty of the Andaman Sea, plus you won’t have to go far to be amazed, the nearby Racha Island has clear waters and colorful marine life. If you already have your license, get a good live-aboard cruise,some large boats have large private cabins with big beds.

6. Live in a private pool villa- There are some choicest private pool hotels and best resorts in Phuket that will ensure that you have an amazing and romantic time together.

So here are few things you do with your loved one in Phuket. Happy Travelling!

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